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Patient Testimonials

"My children, my wife and myself have been patients of Dr. Fahmy for about 12 years. My son has a complex medical history from birth. He saw many doctors in Toronto, Hamilton and in Italy as well at a very reputable Vatican hospital called Bambino Gesu. Believe me when I tell you that you don't know how good your doctor is until something serious happens. Out of all the doctors Dr. Fahmy was the only doctor to make a proper diagnosis out of many specialists and doctors. He put my son on the right medical path and because of that he is enjoying his life and loving it. Dr. Fahmy is an incredible doctor, a good man who does care about his patients and he's really good at it."
March 2023

dr nader fahmy is a doctor in ancaster


"Dr. Fahmy's knowledge, compassion, and ability to truly listen is superior to most physicians I've met. I work in health care and have a fairly good sense of what our community expects and Dr. Fahmy far exceeds that.

The culture of his office clearly stems from his leadership. Peggy, who runs the front of the office is an absolute treat to deal with and each nurse I've met is more than capable and they're also all lovely people.

I do understand the frustration of some when it comes to punctuality, but that just means that the health care providers give every patient the time they deserve. This is not fast food - this is our health and waiting a bit of time is a small price to pay for superior care.

October 2017


dr nader fahmy is bringing a new practice in the area

"Dr Fahmy has been my husband's doctor since his arrived in Ancaster. He is knowledgeable, compassionate and caring. My elderly mother came to Ancaster to wait a nursing home and developed an abscess. She had no doctor and would be using the nursing home doctor once admitted there but needed to see someone immediately. Dr. Fahmy saw her and treated her knowing she would not be his patient. His reason was 'you have to help the elderly.'
He has been responsive and quick to get great referrals when needed. Sees you immediately if necessary. In my opinion he is the best family doctor I have ever met. I have been a nurse for 40 plus years and I know a good one when I see it!"

February 2016


"Dr Fahmy is one of the best doctors we have ever had. His receptionist , Peggy , and his nurses are also fantastic. They all are such caring, compassionate and knowledgable people. My son and I always come out of our appointments feeling that we have been very well taken care of in every aspect. Dr Fahmy takes the time to listen to your problems and is quick with an appropriate solution. I would recommend Dr. Fahmy to anyone looking for a very good family doctor"

July 2015

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